Marketing Story – Barber $10 haircuts

You can learn a lot from this little story. Open your eyes to thinking outside the box:

A long-time barber in a small town had been cutting all the townspeople’s hair for over 20 years. His fee was $10.00 and he had not changed it for a long time in honour of his loyal customer base.

One day, directly across the street, another barber opened a shop and advertised: “Haircuts $6.00”.

The established barber was distraught and went crying to his business friend who was also very successful. “Oh-My-God” he exclaimed, “My life is ruined; I’ll never survive and provide for my family. Oh God help me!”

His business friend pondered a moment and then said: “Wait a minute, don’t get upset so quickly, there has to be an answer to this. Come back tomorrow and let me think about this.”

The next morning the barber still upset, arrived at his shop to start his day. To his surprise, his business friend was there just finishing putting up a new addition to his window sign.

It read: “We fix $6 Haircuts”