We love to collect tips, hints and stories from purpose-built, socially responsible businesses. Reading them helps everyone in this industry to compare, analyse and make sure that we’re all on the right track.

Today’s feature business is LAUDS Plant-Based Foods. Danielle says…

“Living a life inside of your values is THE MOST rewarding thing you can do for yourself, your family and your friends.”

We are a start up food manufacture company and are passionate about creating solutions to the problems caused by the consumption of animal products.  These include health impacts from the consumption of animal fats, and various food intolerences and allergies, but also the animal cruelty and environmental damage which is inherent in animal food production.

Our products will help consumers to lead a more environmentally conscious and healthier lifestyle while still being able to indulge in the food they love.  It all came about because we ourselves wanted to continue to eat that which we grew up on (and therefore had strong psychological attachments to) without doing the damage to ourselves, the animals or the planet.  Our personal mission was to create products that could replace their animal-derived counterparts in familiar dishes such as lasagne, pastries, pasta, pizza, cheese platters, mac’n’cheese, toasties…. the list goes on!  Not only does this make it more likely that a person can switch to a diet that better suits them, but they also don’t need to learn a whole new repertoire of cooking skills to do so!

So what do we make??  Our specialty is a diverse range plant-based cheeses, including a cultured almond feta, a sharp and aged cashew cheese, a grilling cheese perfect for melted goodness on just about anything, and a parmesan shake. We also make a cultured butter which is perfect for making pastry with or spreading on your toast, and alternative meat products such as pepperoni.

Basically, if we missed these products in our new ‘no animal product’ diets, we learnt to make them (and make them GOOD), and were inspired to share them with the world.

Whatever the reason you choose to omit animal products from your diet – be it nutritional, lowered fat intake, for animal rights or environmental concerns, our products can help you! We love them, and are sure others will too.

Look out for LAUDS in a store near you in the coming year!

Lesson 1:

It all takes a VERY long time to start a new business.  No matter how prepared you think you are, there’s always something else to conquer, always something else to learn!  Stay open-minded, study your target market and come to understand failures as a lesson you needed to learn to get where you are going.

Lesson 2:

Living a life inside of your values is THE MOST rewarding thing you can do for yourself, your family and your friends.  And if you can carry that on in your life and make a successful career of it, and you are doing something amazing for others too, you are on the path to happiness – the true measure of success!  LAUDS is helping us to realise our purpose and share it, and we feel much gratitude to have this opportunity.  Although it is not always easy to take the ‘ethical’ road in our lives due to the temptation of boundless choice in our society, it is definitely the most rewarding.  Do it – you won’t regret it!


…Thanks Danielle and Simon! We love to hear these stories and your lessons are SO valuable for everybody to learn from.

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