Here at Ethically Creative we are IN LOVE with The Ethical Consumer Guide!

This Aussie based website is the up-to-date, go-to guide for anybody who is mindful about where their money is going when it comes to many purchases such as personal hygiene, cleaning products, household goods, supermarket food brands, clothing and much more.

Whether you’re mindful about what ingredients/materials it was made with, what conditions it was made under, what the brand supports, how it affects the environment or whether any kind of cruelty was involved in the manufacture of a product – these guys at have got your answers with just a quick search.

The future of our earth, animals and work-conditions is in your wallet so we recommend that you:

1. Download their iPhone or Andriod App to carry around with you in your local shopping centre
2. Order their (100% recycled) paper guide to keep handy in your home or handbag
3. Join their Facebook page for daily updates.

Happy Shopping!

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