Easy, Ongoing Consulting Service
If you’re a good business doing good things and in need of direction, then we offer a monthly consulting service which takes your ethical business or registered charity to the next level, one step at a time.

This is a service in high demand for either

A) businesses or organisations who are established without in-house creative staff; or

B) for those just starting out who want somebody they can work with intimately to give start-up guidance and direction while building a beautiful brand with a powerful story.


Whilst working with different teams over the years, we have found that some are happy to hire us on a single-project basis and come back with an individual brief whenever they need something new. But others – of all sizes – need us reoccurringly, often multiple projects in one day or one week or at least once a month. It’s these teams that benefit from an ongoing consultation service.

We work via correspondence with these teams as if we were in-house with them. We’re on-call during business hours and they’re first priority. We know their services, their style and their people very well and so the process is fast and exactly what they want.

When you jump between designers and consultants without a dedicated arrangement like us, who get to know your brand intimately, it can be a drain on your resources. Paying for extra time, going over budget, slowing down the communication or direction and feeling uneasy with trust. We offer a reliable, friendly and ongoing relationship with a design, business and branding expert who will help to build your business into the direction that you want to go.


  • Contract: Contract lengths are not locked in. You can leave at any time.
  • Payments: Our timesheet will be sent to you each fortnight covering the work we have done during that time at our hourly rate. Our regular hourly rate is drastically reduced to a lower rate for you and a monthly base-cost is applied to secure your spot and our priority scheduling for you.
  • Pricing:  Monthly base-cost is $100. Hourly rate is reduced to $70p/h.
  • Expectations: Standard deadline allowances apply. We work quickly – but we also need the right amount of creative time. Sometimes work is returned within 5 minutes and other times we need a few days.
  • Availability: Collaboration is during standard business hours and days.
  • Services: We arrange one 30 minute Skype meeting per month to go over any future plans, current projects or general guidance you may need. This is usually where our creative expert guidance and any recommendations and advice comes in.
  • Projects: We find that some projects are best arranged as a standard package rather than via this service. Logos are a good example since these take weeks to produce and are much more affordable packaged then charged per-hour.
  • Donation Program: Our much-loved Donation Program still applies for you. Imagine the huge contribution your business can be boasting!

does this sound like you?

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