Creative Business Branding Copyright Law Book

Images courtesy Creative Minds Publishing

This outstandingly useful book is a must-have for every business, in every industry. – Were we asked to promote this book? No. Are we given any kind of reward for writing this post? No. – The sheer fact is that this book is sitting within arm’s reach right now after a captivating few hours of not being able to put it down; along with a strong desire to share it with whomever we can, immediately after closing it. (Does that sound like a typical book on law, to you?)

Written by Sharon Givoni and distributed by Creative Minds HQ. Its initial focus is towards those in creative industries, covering every aspect of legal practices within our every-day job. This book is written so clearly and simply that it makes you want to learn about your rights and your client’s rights, without any confusion or jargon. It uses real-life cases, flowcharts and guides and is designed so uber beautifully and smells so darn good that you’ll actually have fun reading it.

Importantly, this book can be used for any industry because it discusses the process which any industry will go through when hiring a creative person to work on your brand, your documents, your website, your words and many other aspects. Are you aware of what your own rights are within that relationship and where copyrights lie?

From one business owner to another – do yourself a favour, grab a copy of this book. Thanks Sharon for all your hours on it. We’re grateful not only for the yummy ‘fresh-off-the-press’ smell it brings to our desk. Mmm…