Our team is built of bright minds and big hearts. We’re honest, we know what we stand for and the difference that we create. We don’t compromise on our values, nor yours, and we’ll never settle on a design that you won’t use.
We aspire to work with clients that we admire.


Brands of Change is an Australian team of creatives, offering brand-boosting visual identity, graphic design, website development, content creation and eco-friendly printing to outstanding people, companies or charities who want to continue making a difference in the world by partnering with ethical services like us. We love designing for like-minded businesses, social enterprises, for-purpose (non-profits), charities, NGOs, ethipreneurs®, freelancers or anybody else who feels their product or service is contributing to a better world or a customer’s health and wellbeing.


We’re delighted to help develop charities and non-profit organisations, however we’re not a pro-bono service. We know that our clients appreciate passionate service and remarkable designs and by budgeting for a beautiful brand you attract customers and media. Therefore your investment returns to you dramatically.