December is the most wonderful time of the year but also the busiest! Here are some easy tasks to tick-off for your ethical business, before the end of the year:

  • Write a Christmas or New Year topic blog post and newsletter for your clients.
    Include your holiday hours or important changes to services for the new year. Be sure to thank them for their commitment to you this year.
  • Schedule social media posts.
    Automate status updates to post during your time away to keep clients entertained or updated and thinking of you.
  • Ensure all your bookkeeping is up to date.
    Did you submit your tax return back in July? If not, start putting those papers together for your accountant while business may be a little quieter.
  • Check every page of your website.
    Does your website still contain all the most relevant information? Maybe some of it has changed over the year. Go through each page and search for broken links, outdated descriptions, prices and contact details. If there are ways which you feel the look of your website is outdated, unbalanced or just not attractive then take note of each area and hand this to your web designer.
  • Set goals for this time next year.
    This one can seem like a daunting task but while you’re feeling motivated it’s really easy. Don’t worry about being specific for now, just tap into your heart strings, ignore any negative self-talk and write down how you see the business looking , working and running in another 12 months. Be as specific or as vague as you want. Just be sure to follow them up.
  • Walk around your office and start culling.
    No doubt you have accumulated a range of papers, brochures, stationery with out-dated contact details on it, vouchers you thought you might use that year, pens that have run out of ink, technology and cables that you don’t use. Put everything in your recycling bin and feel how good it is to start fresh!
  • Organise office materials.
    Were there things in the point above which you found buried alive but didn’t want to throw away? Begin an organised system using ring binders, folders and boxes. Or maybe you already have one but they missed the filing process – add them to their rightful place.
  • Empty out your email account.
    Every year, we archive all our emails and keep them in a secure place within our computer. This gets them out of your hosting space where they’re just using up room and means you can revisit them any time. If you belong to email newsletters which you click ‘delete’ on as soon as they arrive, then unsubscribe from them. OR setup an email filter which places them straight into a folder or directory within your email account that you can visit on those days when you do have time to read them. If that day never comes by next December, then you can unsubscribe.
  • Check out your business’ reports for the year.
    Track how many new clients you achieved or what month was your best for profits. You can use this to set aims for next year and to analyse where those new clients came from and start advertising there more.
  • Review advertising and marketing methods.
    Which marketing channels brought in the best attention and which didn’t work at all? This could be online such as SEO, Adwords and social media or physical such as magazine advertisements, postal information packs and signage.